Uh Oh ..Postpartum Hair Loss!!!

Uh Oh ..Postpartum Hair Loss!!!

So I thought perhaps I had escaped postpartum hair shedding…..but it would seem not lol. Check out my kitchen floor after washing and detangling my hair!!!


How did you deal with postpartum shedding, did you have a lot or little hair loss? share your story below x

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  1. Carrie B

    How can I view your videos on your site here? It says private on this one. You look stunning by the way!!! Bless~

  2. Natasha Blackman

    Hi Peeks, I’ve been experiencing a lot of shedding n breakage recently. It’s not postpartum but something is definitely wrong. I went from thick, full hair, to thin, limp hair. I am considering cutting it off and starting over my journey again. In the mean time, I’ve amped up my regimen to see if it helps, I’m gonna try for about 2months and if it’s not stopping I’m bringing in the scissors.
    I must confess, I believe that I am reaping what I sewed! I have over processed my hair several times within the last year, bleaching an so on. I hope my hair recovers cause I know better now. I hope your hair recovers too.
    I wish u Mr X, your bundle of joy and your family all the love and success.

    Love Tasha

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