Exclusive Avlon Bloggers Breakfast With Keracare

Exclusive Avlon Bloggers Breakfast With Keracare

I was super excited to receive a special invitation for a vip bloggers breakfast with founder and president of Avlon. Never heard of them? you probably have and never knew all the amazing products they do such as Keracare, Affirm, FiberGaurd etc. Dr Ali Syed is the worlds leading authority on afro hair, so girls you know I had to go and get you the scoop.


I made my way to the very plush Camden & Borough Suit At The Intercontinental Park Lane Hotel with my son Jashur in toe (he behaved very well during the presentation mommy & daddy were very proud phew ;p) . There was a suit with all the authorities in UK afro hair from bloggers to Afro Hair and Beauty Magazine  in attendance. There was a beautiful continental breakfast awaiting all. I was presented with my seat, a full size goody bag full of the latest innovative Keracare products (can’t wait to try). We were then lead through a full, very impressive and informative presentation by Dr Syed on the latest afro hair innovations.


The one product that stood out was a new product called Texture Release, can you believe this product can actually straighten your hair if you wish to rock it straight for a while, till your next wash or for a few months (like a relaxer) THEN let your hair revert back to its natural curly texture. Sounds almost too good to be true right. It is a procedure for now that is only available in salons and uses heat. Look out for more details on their website if this is something you fancy to switch up your hair for a while, or make the process of making your curls looser so its easier to manage for those with coarser afro hair. The procedure will also loosen your curls from slight to straight if you need more manageability. Well it seems there are plenty more options these days for us natural afro sisters who possibly want the best of both worlds. This is something to explore more and see if its right for you.

What do you think about the idea of this procedure, would you or have you tried it? share your comments below.

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