Zanjoo At AfroBrit Design Show

Zanjoo At AfroBrit Design Show

AfroBrit Design Show

On the Saturday, 20th of Dec 2014 London will be set in vibrant colours of Africa at The Afro-Brit Design Show in a celebration of the diversity and ingenuity of Afro-British craftsmanship.  It’s premiere edition – The Afro Inspired Season Sale Event is set to showcase the crème of London’s Afro-British designers inspired by the cultures from the African diaspora showcasing fashion, accessories, jewellery and lifestyle from one of the most diverse, fast- paced and innovative diasporas making it the perfect place to shop for truly unique Gifts for your loved ones.
peeks zanjoo heawrap
The Afro-Brit Design Show is a consortium of stakeholders in the African Design Marketplace who are dedicated and committed to the development of African-British Design in the UK. Our members include designers and experts in the field such as AFWL & The African Showcase Market who have a strong relationship with local councils and have been running African themed events for over 10 years in the UK on behalf of councils such as Barking& Dagenham, Greenwich Council, Brent Council, Daventry District Council, London Borough of Redbridge to name a few.
The Afro Inspired season Sale 2014 is an initiative by The Afro Brit Design Show and is designed to foster , promote and encourage African Inspired Design in the UK.
Afro Brit Design Show Presents
Th Afro Inspired season
Saturday, 20th Dec 2014
The Grand Suite
10 Stroud Green Road
N4 2DF


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