Vogue Loves Regent Street ORS Boots Takeover

Vogue Loves Regent Street ORS Boots Takeover

I was excited to be collaborating with ORS as part of the Vogue Loves Regent Street. The event marked the ORS Boots Takeover. ORS Curls Unleashed is a hair care brand for beautiful natural curly hair types. Many of you may already be aware of the brand as they had olive oil range from years back.


Well they have now launched an new exciting line all beautifully packaged which now enables you to mix and match your products with hair oils such as jojoba, black seed, argan, mouse, conditioners etc to find the best fit for your hair requirements, hooray!


The reason also for the celebration is now ladies all over the country can shop at boots on your high street so its now more convenient for those of you that don’t have access to a black hair care store. I have experienced this first hand growing up in Scotland when there were NO products at all for afro hair, so this will be a relief to many.


I was joined at the event with some familiar faces and afros in the natural hair care scene such as the beautiful Zeinab (omg her beautiful perfect curls!), Melissa,  Wunmi and her amazing skin, the ladies of Black Beauty Magazine, Afro Hair and beauty event and more. We chatted about our hair care woes and which product smelled and worked the best and how many cupcakes we could consume lol


I look forward to trying their new extensive range  thanks to my generous goody bag. If any of you ladies have tried the range do let me know how it worked for your hair in the comments below. Watch out for the video soon.

Special thanks to Taniqua of the ORS team for this exclusive collaboration.

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