Afro Hair & Beauty Live 2017 Beauty & Cosmetic Roundup

Afro Hair & Beauty Live 2017 Beauty & Cosmetic Roundup

As usual there is a whoooole heap of beautiful goodies waiting for you to discover at this years Afro Hair & Beauty Live. As time goes on we are all becoming more body conscious about what we are applying to our face, body, skin and hair soooo this year you will be treated to a whole slew of awesome brands catering to all those needs.

What is awesome about some of these brands is they are female owned, gooo guuuurl! cruelty free, vegan, free from soooo many nasties etc. Here is a round up of some of these natural botanic wholesome goodness you can expect to discover at this years Afro Hair & Beauty Live. Support, discover and enjoy xxx have you heard of or using any of these products? Share below xxx

Natural hair & skincare  Arise & Shine Cosmetics founder Natasha Briscoe (UK) “only Unrefined Oils, Unrefined Butters & Herbs in our handmade products”

Natural hair care Camille Rose Naturals founder Janelle Stephens  (USA) “I want to meet the needs of my customers from a holistic perspective. The same girl who wants an effective cleanser for her son or daughter also wants an ingredient-focused moisturizer for her own skin,”

Natural hair care Carol Bown Natreal founder Carol Brown”finest ingredients from all over the world whether it is from the hearts of Africa, Amazon rain forest, islands of the Caribbean or in the forests of Europe.”

Natural skincare  Phyto Botanicals founder Aanu Oduyemi (UK) “no added artificial fragrances, additives, colourants or artificial preservatives or  chemicals to our products.We believe in the power of nature  to heal and beautify”

Makeup brushes Peach & Pearls founder Sinead Oliver (UK) “Beautifully crafted synthetic, vegan and cruelty free makeup brushes”

Cynthia Adjei founder of Diva World Hair & Beauty We provide scientifically advanced beauty care range which have been research and developed over 20 years, and have not been tested on animals, is free from artificial coloring, perfumes and are tolerated by the most sensitive skins

Crystal Kassi founder of “offer a top-to-toe specialist service for Black and ethnic skin. It is out mission is to unearth and enhance each individual’s natural beauty”

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