Hair Care Revolution #Tottenham Takeover (event)

Hair Care Revolution #Tottenham Takeover (event)

Whilst I am visiting London, i was lucky enough to find out about this Hair Care Revolution #Tottenham Takeover, an event for afro hair care and Ankara fashion.  Event highlights included:

# Celebrity stylists
# Greats brands
# Free expert advice
# Samples galore
# Surprises & more…



1) Expert panel of celebrity stylists and bloggers– Products review and discussion.
– Sponsored & hosted by Glam Africa magazine

2) How to market your hair & beauty products / salon – on & offline
Presented by Vinna Best founder of Curly Treats Leading Afro hair beauty platform.

3) Secrets of treating Locs & natural hair – Panel of Hair dressers & locticians
Sponsored by Melan Magazine – Hosted By Caz mac – No ordinary woman show
Featuring Top stylists from North Londons most established & well known salon Aquarius hair

4) Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair with science-
Presented by Growing UK independent Brand Root 2 Tip

5) Black & Beautiful – Beauty & make up explored!
Presented by North London’s only black owned cosmetics outlet Kushty Cosmetics


I networked with lots of exciting new emerging brands that focus on beautiful natural ingredients in their products to care for your precious locks and body. I have a few goodies and will be doing some product reviews soon to give you some cool products to check out via the Afro Hair Cafe by Zanjoo . Bless x

brand2  nylahpeek croud brand5 brand3

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